Monday, September 28, 2015

Warning, Coming Soon, Stay Tuned, Eat Bourbon

The bourbon game is a cruel-cruel world, for me its a continuous hunt providing smiles and cries 24/7-365 aka bourbon helps me play Peter Pan..

I am highly passionate and extremely OCD when it comes to anything Bourbon. I spend countless hours hunting, nosing, sipping, chewing, tasting, and studying as many bourbons as my mind, liver, palate, and debit card can handle..

I drink, I hunt, I collect, I hoard, I trade, I study, I live, I eat, I sleep, I breathe, and I absolutely heart all things Bourbon..

I have slugged copious amounts of bourbon from my beloved glencairn glass while possibly perv'ing every single bourbon blog in the blogosphere while comparing tasting notes and expanding my bourbon horizons..

Now it's time to go into the "business" for myself..

bourbonboomed will be about my personal bourbon lifestyle filled with honest reviews based off of my personal palate and ramblings from a complete bourbon creeper, me and mine equals I..

We are currently living in the Bourbon Boom folks, wether its the beginning, middle, or whatever, we are so far from the end it is beautifully scary..

Soooooooooo drink up, good luck, and readers beware……...

Cheers and Happy Hunting,

Alex @bourbonboomed

- Blood, Sweat, and Bourbon
- More Money, More Bourbon, More Problems
- Pappy Van Winkle for President
- Bourbon Anxiety
- Bourbon Problems
- Eat Bourbon

"Hashtag" all that, kids!!

Public Service Announcement:
Double middle fingers to flippers buying bottles at retail for the low and selling them for the uber high on the secondary market, "hashtag" bourbon problems###################