Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Colorado Single Barrel Showdown, RW&B

Recently, I had the privilege of being on a judging panel for the Colorado Single Barrel Showdown hosted by Josh Chinn at

  • It was an absolute superb event!!
  • We tasted and judged in a very informal manner in which I totally loved...
Sometimes these things can be a little hoity-toity and filled with "know it alls"…However this was just about relaxing, chatting it up with some fellow bourbon enthusiasts, and tasting some great single barrel bourbons that our Colorado liquor stores have picked or luckily received...

Josh also set it up so everyone got to take home a smorgasbord of samples with us and we all picked a bottle to take as well…I really wanted a 2002 Evan Williams at 150 proof but someone snagged it up before I could. Luckily I was able to grab a half ounce so I could at least sample it.. I passed on a half full 2014 Old Forester Birthday and picked a 14 year old Dickel at 106 proof, Josh started off by saying that he wasn't the fondest about this particular bottle and preferred the 9 year Dickel instead, but I haven't seen any in Colorado and I was somewhat compelled to try it.. 

His review of the same exact bottle is here RW&B Dickel 14...

Personally, I get buttered creamed corn, candy corn, caramel corn from the holiday popcorn tins, Werther's Original Candies, and Macaroni and Cheese..

Very-Very Corn Dominant, even at an older age, and yes I said Mac and Cheese!!!

Thanks for the wonderful bourbon spread

Cheers and Happy Hunting,

Alex @bourbonboomed

bourbonboomed really wanted this....