Sunday, October 25, 2015

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof: Damn Fine Bourbon

Anyway you look at it ECBP is some of the best bourbon money can buy:

- From an age perspective, 12 years is perfect on the "sweet spot" spectrum..
- Cask strength, helloooooooooo!!
- Quarterly releases, Duh?!?!?
- MSRP of $40-55, you're and idiot for passing it up..

I love this stuff, I truly do, every release has been phenomenal, different proofs, different complexities, different nuances,varied profiles, but all fit into the same mold, all being delicious..

I stockpile as many ECBP's as I can, any release, doesn't matter if a store has 1 or 20, I'll buy them all if they'll let me..

Currently I have open bottles of the:
- 7th release(128.0)
- 8th release(139.8)
- 9th release(135.6)

I'm not here to pit any release against another at this time, maybe when the line is dead and gone I'll do a vertical of every release in hopes of distinguishing a personal "ranking", but until then I'll just post some of my personal tasting notes on various releases…

ECBP 9th Release 135.6:

On the Nose: All the usual suspects; big time vanilla, big time caramel, big time cinnamon, big time honey, big time heavy dark fruits, thick-thick maple syrup and heavy-heavy spices….

Sweet BBQ'd barrel char, cinnamon roll, caramel macchiato, vanilla latte, mocha frappuccino and coffee grinds..

I could nose this all day, a very light and sweet nostril tingle for such a uber high proof, ECBP always dances for me when taking nosing...

Palate and Flavors: The caramel and vanilla "coffee drink" thing really resonates to me from this release. Vanilla milkshake, white chocolate, barrel aged maple syrup, cinnamon raisin bread, figs, tiramisu, and big time smoked BBQ'd proteins, charred beef ends, smoked-maple-peppered BACOOOOOOOOON….

Immense hot tobacco leaf, moderate hot tea leaf, creamy-spicy chai tea…

Overall: sweet, spicy, warming, and drawn out, coats the mouth, long lasting, magnificent flavors, extremely sweet and savory, BBQ, tobacco, tea, heaps of brown sugar..

This ECBP experience for me is like drinking trendy coffee drinks, indulging with a breakfast pastry, smoking tobacco, eating BBQ, enjoying a booze milkshake for desert, and being a bourbon hipster all at once… Win-win!!!

That being said, I love anything ECBP, if you can find it at retail, it's a better value than EC12 to me…

The secondary market hasn't gotten to extreme yet, ECBP's typically go for double the retail price, I find most Elijah Craig releases including Barrel Proofs and Ultra-Aged releases aren't typically to crazy on the streets…

- Everyone is to busy gushing over Buffalo Trace's spawn!!!

Cheers and Happy Hunting,

Alex @bourbonboomed