Monday, October 26, 2015

Rock Hill Farms, BT #2, Stand the Hell up!!

Many liquor cabinet's across the world have multiple bottles that hale from Buffalo Trace's mash bill #1, but to me way more flavor comes from their higher rye #2 mash bill, to which I prefer of the two, and as posh as it is, their wheated mash bill is my absolute nectar…

It baffles me that the closest thing to a "BTAC" or specialty release of the  #2 mash bill is the Blanton's Straight From the Barrel and we can't even get that here in the states unless by ordering from over seas websites or traveling abroad….

I'm sure everyone knows the Buffalo Trace mash bill lineups by now, but here you go if you're still stuck in the early 2000's drinking flavored vodka.…

Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #1:
- Benchmark 8
- Old Charter
- Buffalo Trace
- Eagle Rare
- Colonel E.H. Taylor
- Stagg and Stagg Jr.

Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #2:
- Ancient Age
- Hancock's Reseve
- Elmer T. Lee
- Blanton's
- Rock Hill Farms

  • All mash bill #2's are single barrels except for the Ancient Age
  • The #2 Mash bill is also used in all Bowman Brothers Virginia Whiskey's, all are great pours in their own right

Rock Hill Farms, Single Barrel, 100 proof:

On the Nose: must, musty books, musty attic, damp oak, bitter citrus, orange peel, grapefruit, Citrus Blend Skoal Pouches, smokey, barrel char, cinnamon, sour apple, bittersweet baking chocolate, maple syrup-tree sap, black pepper, leather....

Palate and Flavors: tobacco leaf, damp oak, leather, maple syrup, honey, tree sap, barrel char, sugared grapefruit, black and green iced tea, canned fruit cocktail, canned pineapple, canned pears, apple juice, dark/kind of bitter chocolate, carmel green apple sour suckers, barrel aged peychaud's cocktail bitters, black pepper…

Overall: Honestly, I'm a really big fan of Rock Hill Farms and it has a faint coconut thing in the end I really dig…

Obviously by my tasting notes I get tons of flavor both on the nose and palate…

However, I may sound like a moron by saying this but in the mouth its a little thin to me, I don't know how thats possible, just not a lot of viscosity to me, not very warming, not very coating, all of the absolute wonderful notes just abruptly dissolve to me..

Although I may have killed my palate with lots of cask strengths lately and/or just the simple fact that 100 proof is the new 90 proof in todays booming higher proof and older aged bourbon markets!!

However: Single barrel, 100 proof, Buffalo Trace #2 mash bill, rumored to be in the heart of bourbons sweet spot at 8-9 years old, whats not to love?!?!?!?!

This is my first bottle ever of RHF in my cabinet and I hope to never be without it again, its not the easiest to find anymore, RHF is getting more and more allocated everyday as with any other quality bourbon, but I'm trying to bunker as many as possible, $50'ish retail is well worth it….

Cheers and Happy Hunting,

Alex @bourbonboomed