Sunday, October 25, 2015

Stay Blended My Friends, Home Master Blender

So bourbon is warped into my brain, body, mind, and spirit. A lot of my daily life revolves solely around bourbon hunting and bourbon tasting...

Unfortunately I don't have Bourbon Royalty Lineage: Van Winkle, Russel, Noe, Beam, Rutledge, Morris, or Wheatley…

However, bourbon fascinates me in every facet, I'd sell my soul to be a Master Distiller, soooooooooo since I have no buyers, I'm experimenting with some "house blends"..

Current Batched Blends:
- Poor Mans Pappy, OWA/W12 at 50/50 and 60/40
- 8th ECBP 139.8 and EC12 = 116.9
- Wild Turkey 101 and 101 Rye
- OGD BIB and OGD 114 = OGD 107
- W12 and EC12
- W12/EC12/Baby Saz
- 8th ECBP 139.8 and W12 =114.9

I guess I'll settle for Master Home Blender!!

Cheers and Happy Hunting,

Alex @bourbonboomed