Thursday, January 21, 2016

Instagram Bourbon Soiree: @fletcher_whiskeydog's blind tasting

About 2 months ago I started this here bourbon blog that you're reading now and I realized I needed a way to promote it and interact with people interested in Bourbon like I am....

So I got on Twitter and I got on Instagram. Twitter I don't utilize as much as I should, I will soon.

But, the Instagram Bourbon Community is strong and I have become very active in it, aka addicted hashtag...

I have met some really cool people on Igram that are almost as insanely obsessed about whiskeys as much as I am!!! Some run bourbon websites, some are collectors of some sort, and some just enjoy drinking the nectar as we all should...

Regardless, in a ass backwards world that is today bourbon, its refreshing to meet to real people, that enjoy real whiskey, and help me feel less insane about my obsession because its the norm on Igram.

That being said... One of my main Igram bourbon partners @fletcher_whiskeydog decided to throw a blind bourbon tasting for @bourbon_peacock @barrelsandmash/@katekettner @lbl43 @jwbarleycorn and myself @bourbonboomed

Blind Sample 1

At First Sight: Honey

On the Nose: Slightly sour, cinnamon, stale-grayish colored chocolate, generic caramel syrup, lightly toasted oak, flat cola pop, apples.

On the Palate: Sweet, dark red fruits, caramel apples, old-cold coffee, creamed corn.

Overall: Looks like bourbon, smells like bourbon, tastes like bourbon, but I had a hard time with this one at first...

The notes were all muddled together and took awhile to open up for me before I could distinguish what was going on. Seems watered down, too tame and lame. That being said, light, almost too smooth, and extremely easy sipping. No kentucky Hug!

This bourbon was ok, I could/would drink it if I had too. Michters 10??

Blind Sample 2

At First Sight: Copper

On the Nose: Menthol Cigarettes(Newports), Grizzly Wintergreen Dip, Sweetmint Orbit Gum, black licorice, very green, pea pods, fresh cut grass, herbs, botanicals, toothpaste, chlorine, rubber tires, and Dicks Sporting Goods Store. 

On the Palate: Smokey, mint toothpaste, Griz Wintergreen, nicotine, mouthwash, pea pods, rubber, bathtub gin.

Overall: Warning/Public Service Announcement/Lewd Comments/Beware/Sorry I'm not Sorry

Well, this bourbon danced for me. It danced for me like that stripper that wasn't very hot and she was extremely trashy and needed to B-Bop some other guys way. She had no rhythm and couldn't shake her ass for shit. She smelled the part with a distinct non appealing stripper smell, she looked the part, she felt the part, but she was no top earner. She ain't earn'n my dollars, that's for sure!

Bourbon I mean, not stripper. Womp-Womp...

I really hope this is not Blanton's straight from the barrel, and I sound way crazy. It reminds me of a Whistle Pig Rye, but this is a bourbon tasting, no ryes?!?!?!?!

My least favorite of the 3. Pepto Bismol??

Blind Sample 3

At First Sight: Amber

On the Nose: Must, smoked BBQ'd meats, honey, caramel, vanilla, nice and nutty, heavily toasted oak, bonfire, slight citrus.

On the Palate: Coffee, spicy, pepper, cinnamon, BBQ meats, big time vanilla bean, caramel, tobacco, heavy-thick-rich-deep wood, and peanut butter.

Overall:This is some good bourbon. Sweet and savory, has a nice amount of depth to it, very meaty. I'm assuming above 100 proof, and Kentucky Hug'n for sure!

This is the top option for me here. I'd buy this bottle and be happy to drink it any day of the week. BSFTB??
The End Results

Turns out that Sample 1 was a poor mans pappy blend variation of Van Winkle 12, Weller 12, and Old Weller Antique 107. I am actually really surprised and angry I didn't detect this. I drink a lot of all 3 of those bourbons as well as the whole Buffalo Trace Wheated mash bill line in general. This flew right over my head. I pretty much picked up all the key notes that equals those bourbons, but missed the mark on what it truly was. #stumped

Sample 2 ended up being Michters 10...

I guessed Michters 10 for sample 1, obviously giving them too much credit. To me, Michters is a really overhyped brand. I've really tried to like them, at one point I even thought I liked them. All their daily bourbons are just meh!! The rye, bourbon, and sour mash all taste the same to me, like cheap apple juice and cheaper cardboard. Whats the point of their unblended whiskey, "whiskey" aged in re-used barrels?!?!?! Obviously I know thats a thing, and many "whiskeys" are done in re-used barrels but that Michters is just weird, odd, and weird again and doesn't make sense, and I question why its in their lineup.. The Michter's barrel strength rye I am kind of into, I'd drink it, it is a little expensive but I'd buy it. Oddly enough because this whole paragraph and my blind tasting notes have basically been bashing Michters, but if I had a chance to buy Michters 20 at retail for the high price it fetches I would, because it is "cask strength" and I personally think that matters and helps mellow and elevate uber aged/over oaked bombs. Not a big fan of what they do, how they do it, and how much they charge for what they do. I am pretty sure the general consensus amongst all parties involved in this particular tasting, that this was the least favorite bourbon for the whole group. #propaganda #sorryImNotSorry

I guessed sample 3 correct. Blanton's Straight from the Barrel. I may have had a slight advantage here. Steve and I are pretty friendly. We text back and forth about bourbon like a couple of tween school girls way more than our ladies probably care for. #bromance #bourbonbros #broooooooooo

I am pretty familiar with his collection. But, I still had to break down what was in my glass to figure out what it was anyway you paint the picture....

I knew it was a cask strength bourbon. I knew it was not Elijah Craig Barrel Proof because it was not as rich and lucious as ECBP is to me. I knew it was not Knob or Bookers, I knew it was not Stagg or Stagg Jr. and it definitely was not Handy Rye or William Larue Weller. It had to be Blantons Straight from the Barrel....#Deductivereasoning

Thanks again Steve aka @fletcher_whiskeydog aka for having me be apart of this, it was a blast for me drinking and thinking blind...


Alex @bourbonboomed