Wednesday, March 2, 2016

W.L. Weller 12 I love you

Before I even get into my tasting notes, I just want to say that I flat out L.O.V.E. Weller 12 bourbon..

It's one bottling I hope to never be without. For my money and my thought process, I could do no better. It has everything I look for in a bourbon. Oaky, sweet, spiced, fruity, creamy goodness.

I am sure by now, if you are into bourbon, you know Weller 12's juice is the same juice thats in the current bottling of Van Winkle 12 yr just the less "choice or premium barrels". However, those passed over barrels by the Van Winkles and Company still contain some absolute fantastic juice.

Obviously Buffalo Trace murders the wheated bourbon game, no contest!!!

W.L. Weller 12yr 90 Proof:

At First Sight: A beautiful rich caramel

On the Nose: A solid amount of oak. Very ripe orchard fruits, ripe red apples, carmel apples, fresh cantaloupe, honeydew melon, even more oak, dried cherries, a big amount of nuttiness that is reminiscent to almonds, and ridiculous amounts of vanilla..

I could nose this all day, a lot of good stuff going on here..

On the Palate: Chocolate covered espresso beans, ripe dark-red fruits, everything ripe apples, a slight citrus, extremely buttery, toasted almonds, pecans, peanut butter-chocolate candies, almond cookies, peanut butter cookies, and french vanilla cream...

Overall: Silky smooth. The finish is nice, nutty, and woody, with tons of vanilla, citrus, dark fruit, and a caramel bomb..

Most assume that "wheaters" are sweeter but personally "wheaters" tend to be drier to my palate..

Weller 12 is downright delicious anyway you look at it. Retail is such a good deal($30ish) if you can find it, but with scarcity and the secondary market price rising, grab em while you can. I always have at least a case of W12 in my bunker!!!

This is one bourbon where the nose, palate, mouthfeel, and finish are all extremely well balanced and aligned...Great bourbon!!!

P.S. Some of the best bottles of Weller 12 I've had over the years have been just as good as any current era Buffalo Trace Van Winkle 12. VW12 is just consistently more premium and choice, but not worth the secondary. I'd take Weller 12 all day!!!

Cheers, Alex @bourbonboomed