Tuesday, May 24, 2016

2014 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

As I sit here stuffing my mouth with spoonfuls upon spoonfuls of the absolute wonderful Trader Joes Speculous Cookie and Cocoa Swirl Butter while being forced to watch the bachelorette #JOJO, I also happen to be having a pour from a mini sample bottle of the 2014 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon.

I am really enjoying this cookie & cocoa butter and I'd love to go into further details about all the wonderful nuances that its bringing to my palate right now, but this isn't fat camp.

This is a bourbon blog...

Sooooooooo, I guess I must talk about bourbon.

2014 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, 12 Years Old, 97 Proof:

At First Sight: A deepish-golden honey

On the Nose: Shellac-lacquer right off the bat followed up by some maraschino cherry juice, thick maple syrup, and heavy cinnamon. Settles at some toasted oak, but also reminds me of a bonfire.

Smells very dry, backboned by a very faint nuttiness.

On the Palate: Swedish fish!!! Candies galore: gummy bears, strawberry candies, and more swedish feaaaash!! After the gummy and red fruit candies subside I can find some dried banana chips, a decent amount of caramel, and some typical bourbon barrel spices and dark sugars..

Way sweeter on the sip than the nose would have lead me to believe. I also found a little bit of citrus and some tobacco leaf.

Overall: Very thin and light on the sip. This 2014 Birthday Bourbon is not a stage 12 clinger. It dissolves very-very quickly on my palate.

While I don't think this is worst of the Birthday Bourbon releases, it is also not my favorite.

It's long gone off of store shelves and the only way to be found is at secondary prices and/or trades. If you can get a deal on one or get it as a sweetener in a trade, GREAT!!!

However, don't go and trade the farm to acquire one...

Now back to my cookie butter and the bachelorette #JOJO!!!

Cheers, Alex @bourbonboomed